Gear Rental Rates
Item Description Daily Rate (USD)
Portable Handy Recorder - ZOOM H4n Audio recorder with XLR inputs. Records to SD card. Include wind mic muff, batteries and charger. $50
SM58 Shure microphone Shotgun mike with XLR cables and wind screen $25
Wireless Lavalier System Includes Lectronics CR190 Receiver, Lectronics UM190 transmitter, Tram TR50 microphone, XLR cable and case. $55
Sola 2000 Video Light Excellent fill light on LocLine articulating arm. Quick charger and case included. No opening parts, reducing risk of damage. $25
Sola 2000 Video Light with LocLine Arm Bring out the underwater colors with up to 2000 lumens of wide, even white light. Burn time on high power approximately 70 minutes. Includes case and charger. $50
7" HD-SDI LCD Monitor by Ikan High Definition monitor with tripod mount, carrying case, ac adapter, battery and battery charger. $50
Diopter Kit Combine with the flat port to shoot macro. 1x, 2x and 4x diopters with soft sided case. $15
EM43 Monitor Gates EM43 External Monitor - 4.3" / 110mm color active matrix LCD $125
Gates EX1 Housing Gates PMW-EX-1

SWP44C Super Wide port with full zoom through [see below], SP44 Standard Port and flat port available.
Internal color correcting filter for blue water. X4 diopter installed, X2 and X1 available.
Gates Mini-Tripod
Gates HD Monitor Housing for TVL55 Houses the TV Logic 5.5inch HD monitor $225
Gates Z100 4K Video Housing Housing for Sony PXW-Z100 4K Camera. Rated to over 400', rock solid manual controls. $450
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Latest GoPro - shoot greater than 1080P and higher frame rates. Includes waterproof housing to 60m - no underwater flat port adapter needed. Spare batteries and dedicated boom pole with mounts. MicroSD Card, cables and adapter included. Original GoPro available as well. $50
nanoFlash Recorder

  • nanoFlash recorder

  • Gates mount for Sony EX1/EX1R

  • CF Card Reader (USB 2.0 and Express Card available)

  • AC Adapter

  • USB Cable

  • Charger

  • Battery (4 cell (x2) and 2 cell available)

  • Waterproof transport case

Optional: 2 x 64GB (UDMA 6 66MB/s 450x Delkin Pro Cards for additional $50 per day)
Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM Camcorder Sony PMW-EX-1 XDCAM Camcorder

  • Camcorder (with hood)

  • BP-U30 and BP-U60 Battery

  • Battery Charger/ AC Adapter w/ cord

  • USB 2.0

Optional Cards: 4 x 8GB SxS cards, 3 x SDHC Adapters to SxS (allows use of SDHC cards)

Additional BP-U60 Batteries available.

*Rain Covers (2 different types) (camRade WS-PMW EX1 WETSUIT), Shoulder Straps, AV Cables, & Remotes available upon request

Sony XDCAM PXW‑Z100 Shoots true 4K or QHD. Comes with 4 64GB fast 1333X Speed Lexar XQD Cards, 200MB/s. 20x optical zoom. $395
SWP44C Wideo Angle Port - Fathom The ultimate in underwater optics. The super wide ports are exceptional designs because they provide both super wide (up to 110 degree) field of view, AND full zoom through for macro imaging. The Super Wide Port is nearly an all-in-one solution to capture a vast range of situations with clarity and sharpness through the entire camera zoom range. $150
TVL55 Monitor (TV Logic) $
Lighting Gates VL24 LED Light: The VL24 is suitable for broadcast / cinema and un-tethers professional cameramen from surface supplied lighting.
Additional fill lights available: Dive Rite HID, Sola 1200 LED, Intova Mega Nova 2000 lumen

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