About the Explorer's Log

The Explorer's Log(tm) is an application designed to archive, retrieve and display multimedia content.
The main features are:

  • Video Support (files from DV, HDV, AVCHD, MXF containers)
  • Still Image Support - .JPG, .NEF, .RAW, .TIFF
  • Batch processing of folders of media to capture meta data and keyframes/thumbnails automatically
  • Browser Based
    • Supports installation on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003/2008 server.
    • Database support for SQL Server 2008,2005,2000, H2 and MySQL.
    • Web server support for IIS, Jetty and Apache.
    • Browser support for Internet Exploerer 6.x+, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari.

The genesis of the Explorer's Log was a desire by the author to create a storage for newly acquired DV video clips of underwater fauna in the marine environment. Original data simply consisted of brief descriptions of content by video tape. As digitization of DV clips to the personal computer became available in the early 2000's, the application expanded to support storing individual media files on the computer, and linking the media to basic content. As the library of video clips grew, and the author's videographic technique and programming skills grew, a desire to share quality media arose, as well as increased metadata storage about the content became necessary.

Through a fortuitous collaboration with field ichthyologists affiliated with the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, the Explorer's Log was enhanced to support taxonomic labeling of content, and the data strucures improved to match current taxonomic assignment and updating.

Through several years of fields testing on remote expeditions to the Pacific, Caribbean and South America, the Explorer's Log workflow has been refined and features expanded.
Recent feature additions include:

  • Support for unlimited content assignment to a media file
  • AJAX (fast) assignment of content
  • The ability to create timelines of media for import into Non Linear editing systems
  • Keyframe export for import and use in Digital Picture frames
  • Export/Import via XML for ease of transition between Explorer's Log systems.

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